Our Values
Since its beginnings and more than ever in recent years, GESYS wanted to focus on the quality of its services. This concern is directly related to our desire to meet the requirements of our customers and creating a climate of trust and partnership.

We perform our services with the required expertise and quality that has to be involved :

  • Qualified staff, both technical and administrative manager computer
  • Technology watch & Updating of knowledge through regular training courses
  • Park & modern and innovative tools :
    DAO application tools, schedule management, electrical network design, lighting calculation, calculation of loss and heat gain, thermal regulatory calculations, thermodynamic simulation, ...

We control the projects entrusted to us, both as projected in their course by a precise and rigorous analytical monitoring :

  • Decomposition schedule tasks and accurate estimate resources to be provided
  • Scheduling and control tasks
  • Budget tracking and project cost control

We guarantee a permanent quality which results in obtaining professional certifications, labeling of your buildings and recognition from building professionals.

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  • 15 rue des Grands Prés
  • 92752 Nanterre cedex
  • Tel. 01 47 80 11 10
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